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SM Iida LTD is a proudly family-owned and operated gift shop in Honolulu, HI. We have been in business since 1900, and have successfully grown and survived throughout all these years. We credit this privilege of longevity to our loyal customers who remain strong in their appreciation of our business.

Our shop is filled with a wide variety of Japanese gifts and other items, including Bonsai pots, dishes, Maneki Neko, lacquerware, and more. Whether it’s for your own home or office decor, or if you would like to give something as a gift, you can be sure to find it at SM Iida LTD.

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What a memorable sight to see those multi-colored carps of paper and cloth, atop tall bamboo poles, fluttering vigorously in the gentle trade winds of the islands!

“Tango No Sekku,” otherwise known as Boy’s Day observed by the Japanese throughout the state, falls on the fifth of May. It is also recognized in Japan as Childrens’ Day, a day of celebration since ancient times. When a boy is born, this festive day in his first year is regarded as an important occasion. Besides flying carps and streamers, dolls representing ancient, legendary war heroes are prominently displayed. Just as carps are known to struggle swimming up waterfalls, they symbolize courage, strength and virility – qualities that parents hope to have their son attain success by overcoming life’s obstacles.

The Boy’s Day Festival appears in records as far back as the time of the Emperor Shomu (730 A.D.), it being mentioned that the roof of the Imperial Palace was decorated with iris leaves and a horse race was held in the Palace compounds on May 5th. It was after 1350, at the time of the Shogun Ashikaga that the festival was formally made an annual event. The general style of observance as celebrated today may be said to have been established about 1570. May, being the season of the iris, the leaves and flowers are used profusely on this occasion. The iris was also selected because its straight shooting leaves characterized and typified the many straight –forwardness of the “samurai.”

The traditional idea of celebrating Boy’s Day is to stress the parental love that the son may grow brave and strong.

Boy’s Day is Sunday, May 5th

Beautiful Japanese Gifts

At SM Iida LTD, you can find a wide array of unique Japanese specialty items, like calendars, Shoji paper, traditional Japanese home furnishings, charm bowls, tea cups, and other traditional Japanese wares. You can also find other quintessential Japanese products like dolls, artwork, lucky charms, and collectibles.
Whether it’s for a gift for somebody else, or if it’s for your own personal collection, you can satisfy your interests or hobbies related to Japanese culture through the authentic items at SM Iida LTD.

Family Business

If you’re shopping for a gift, you can leave it up to us as well to take care of the gift wrapping for you. At SM Iida LTD, we want you to have as smooth a shopping experience as possible. That’s why we work hard to deliver top-quality service to you.
And that is why our family business has been standing long and strong, with over a century of support and appreciation from our patrons.

All-Around Shopping Convenience

Locals have long known to drop by our shop at Kona Street, but we’ve now moved completely online. With this, we hope to make the shopping experience more accessible and convenient, not just for the locals, but for anyone else interested, wherever they may be.
We welcome phone orders, and can ship to you with FREE expert packing. You can trust that we’ll be able to deliver our products to you in good quality, whether we’re shipping to the mainland or other neighboring islands. We can mail for you but the cost of postage is required.
Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message for any questions or inquiries! Our skilled and friendly staff can assist with your shopping needs.

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