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You might be wondering why we’re no longer at our old spot on Kona Street. In case you’ve been looking for us, trying to get your hands on our kawaii Japanese wares and products, don’t worry!

SM Iida LTD has recently shifted our shop operations completely online. That’s why we no longer have a storefront. However, you can rest assured that we are definitely still in business!

We are happy to reassure you that you will be getting access to all of our inventory, but now in a much more convenient way since we’ve gone online. We accept phone orders, which you can do by calling 808-286-9964, or you can send us an email at [email protected].

We also encourage you to fill out a form on our site to inquire about our products. Just send us a message with as many specific details as possible so we can give you the assistance you need.

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We definitely would love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch with us in Honolulu, HI today, either by phone or by email.

We understand that it can be tedious and overwhelming to find the specific item you’re looking for, especially if you’re not sure what it’s called. With an inventory as varied as ours, you certainly could use some help from our skilled and experienced staff.

Not only can you send us inquiries about our inventory, but you can also send us questions about our other services, like free, special gift wrapping, expert packing, and even shipping. We’re not just a store offering unique traditional Japanese ware; we are a store with a long history of providing top-quality service to our clients, which is why we’re still going strong even more than a hundred years later.

Quality Customer Service

We are always looking forward to hearing from our clients, so do give us a call or send us a message. From your end, you can expect timely and knowledgeable responses to your queries, with the care and attention you deserve.

At SM Iida LTD, we would love for you to feel like you’re part of our family, and you can look forward to being treated with the utmost courtesy and efficiency.

Contact us today for your inquiries, orders, or special requests!

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