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Therese Suda Fogarty May 6, 2024

Therese Suda Fogarty | 2024-05-05 23:44:27

"Outstanding service Shirley always goes above and beyond to help me with my special orders. Thank you very much Shirley!"
go okuda June 21, 2023

hello tammiy

" long time no see i was your school mate of varsite international school 1994~1995"
Jason May 17, 2023

Jason | 2023-05-16 23:17:19

"Great customer service, Shirley went above and beyond to help me out."
India H. Paige November 1, 2022

Have loved iidas since 1970s!

"At first, in 1970s, i’d shop there for Japanese Koto(musical instrument) Sheet Music & Sumé (finger picks and bands). Then after becoming familiar with the store,I discovered gifts, omiyagi, obon season items as well as performance needs, things for home, and much more. Their staff are always extraordinarily helpful (finger picks were a very small purchase for young student), familiar with items they carry which you might not see on your own, and now I see have a website & shipping! Im delighted to know a Honolulu mainstay is still around, still going strong, and survived the pandemic. You’ll love Iida’s! Many staff are bilingual (Japanese/English). Stop by, take some time to explore the store."
Jan Keka June 5, 2022

Jan Keka

"Very easy to do business with and super fast shipping."
Jan Keka April 19, 2019

2024-03-19 | 20:20:04

"Very easy to do business with and super fast shipping. Will define do business again. Shirley was awesome too!"